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(Please note that this page represents a cross-section of what HMA does and how we do it. We are a diverse group with a depth of perspective, not limited to age and taste and drive toward our goals. We hope that we represent the United States and a wonderful selection of human beings spending their respective time and efforts on working hard, staying in shape, executing tradition, with a respect for history but with a contemporary soul. We love the variety of students and supporters of our endeavor. Thank you all who are interested in and respect what we do). Ours is a way of life...

HMA - Lorenzo (Just Plain NASTY!) 3/07/19

HMA - Super Selina (Sharpening Up) 2/05/19

Roger B. Hamilton (Sensei's Funeral Speech) 7-31-15

 HMA - Sensei & Garrett Sparring 12-11-14

HMA - Sensei & Garrett Sparring 1-7-15

HMA Aaron (Black Belt Test) Final Video Slideshow 7-18-14

HMA (Bushido Open) Omar vs. Brandon & More...12/2013

HMA Vintage Video (Circa 2004-2005) Assorted

HMA Japan Karate Association (Traditional Fighting Technique)

HMA Brown Belt Test (Aaron/Ali - Mitt Work) 10-05-13

HMA Brown Belt Test (Aaron & Garrett) Breaking/Trad Sparring

HMA Brown Belt Test (Aaron) Heian Godan 10-05-13

HMA Brown Belt Test (Aaron)

HMA Brown Belt Test (Aaron) 10-05-13

HMA - Ali Hamilton Black Belt Test & Rank Exam (Slideshow)


HMA - Ali Hamilton (Full Contact) @ Black Belt Test 9-18-13

HMA - Ali Hamilton Sparring (Alemany Tournament) 8-2013


HMA Kickboxing (Body Drill) (Necole/Kelly) 7-2013

HMA Kickboxing (Courtney) 7-2013

HMA Kickboxing (Selina) 7-2013

Bushido Open 2012 Omar vs Brandon 18 - 34 Grand

Bushido Open 2012 Tournament Slideshow

Bushido Open 2012 (First Timers, Ali Hamilton Kata & Aikido)

Bushido Open 2012 (Aikido DEMO Final Asst. Sparring Ali/Josiah)

HMA (Bushido Open) Ribbon Cutting 2012

Hamilton Martial Arts 2012 (Dojo Transformation Slideshow)

Bushido Open 2011 (Kickboxing Final)

Bushido Open 2010 Junior Girls Sparring

Bushido Open 2010 Brandon Nunley vs James Gilbeaux (1)

Bushido Open 2010 Brandon Nunley vs James Gilbeaux (2)

Bushido Open 2010 Brandon Nunley vs James Gilbeaux (3)


Bushido Open 2009 Adult Womens Kata

Omar Hamilton vs Juan Mesa Bushido Open 2010

Necole vs Lupe (Girls Halftime Set Match) Bushido Open 2010

Omar Hamilton 2010 Bushido Open


Omar Hamilton vs James Gilbeaux Clip (1)


Bushido Open/HMA Montage 2008



Golden Gate International 2007 Ali Hamilton Champion


Omar Hamilton vs Walter Dodson - Bushido Open 2009

Hamilton Sensei Kata (Heian Nidan)