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Loyalty – Dedication – Honor – Trust 

HMA Staff Code of Conduct


Please note that in order for a person to be selected as an instructor within HMA Academy, that person has been judged as someone well versed in karate and also as a person who has the character and demeanor to represent HMA to students and the public. The Code of Conduct has been written as a public document to declare our standards to all students, parents and others who may be interested in how our school operates.

The founder of HMA, Sensei Roger B. Hamilton, has always espoused a set of personal values that are based on respect for all people. This concept of respect is basic to the arts and the teaching of HMA Academy and must extend to the dealings instructors have with all people they encounter in their role. The HMA instructor is the public face of our school and our school will be judged by the ways they conduct themselves. These judgments will be made by students, parents, the venues we use, regulatory authorities and within the martial arts community. We are a family school and are we committed to the promotion of family values and all instructors will be expected to support these values as well.

Care of Children

Many of the students at HMA are children. Parents entrust their children with HMA every day. Instructors must live up to that trust by ensuring that all behavior towards children is entirely appropriate. By their nature children will view their Sensei as a leader and a person to be respected and in-turn an instructor will have earned this respect by the way the instructor conducts him or herself.  As a rule of standards, HMA will take the appropriate steps to screen all potential instructors.

Honesty & Citizenship

HMA will expect that all instructors will operate in an honest manner. This extends to all dealings inside and outside the organization. Part of this is an expectation that all instructors strive to be good citizens within their personal environment. 


A person is entitled to pursue their own beliefs and standards without undue disruption and interference from others. These differences may arise through religion, personal values, gender or ethnicity. Instructors will be respectful, understanding and accommodating of these matters.

Sexual Harassment

Any form of sexual harassment is totally unacceptable. Sexual harassment can take the form of verbal comments concerning appearance, private life or other issues. It can take the form of unwanted physical contact, adult humor, double entendre, etc. HMA does not seek to encroach on the normal social interplay between people, however HMA is all about respect for your fellow participants, and any form of sexual harassment runs completely counter to this and will not be tolerated.

Equal Opportunity 

HMA has an overriding policy of equal opportunity for students to train in and enjoy karate. This country has laws that are designed to promote equal opportunity. HMA will not tolerate discrimination against any person on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, physical or mental handicap. At the same time instructors will be mindful of medical conditions that may affect the safety and well being of other students. Any concerns of this nature are to be dealt with sensitively and reported to Sensei Roger B. Hamilton or any senior instructor at the earliest opportunity. Instructors will always be sensitive to the varying needs of its students. HMA prides itself on being a welcoming organization for all people, and instructors are its ambassadors.


Hamilton Martial Arts Academy

January 2, 2001