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Junior Champion Classes are designed to instill confidence and create positive scenarios where young students will learn to handle the stresses of school and peer pressure, as well as learn skills to combat bullying nonviolently, but still learn general self defense. Not to mention an excellent physical work-out to keep them fit and ready for lifes challenges.

Additional Junior Champion Benefits


At HMA we place a tremendous value on the safety and well being of our students. While the martial arts may involve physical contact and interaction, we are trained to keep safety as a primary goal. We strive to keep all students moving safely toward the happy, healthy, fun and exciting experience of positive growth and development through Karate.  (As a parent of two young boys, who have been students for 11 years consistently, Sensei Hamilton takes this issue very seriously.)

Social Events

 We are committed to quality martial arts training at HMA, but it's not all serious! Ask the kids who have been around a while and they will tell you that we make it our business to have some fun as well.  At HMA we sponsor continuous Pizza Parties, Birthdays Parties, Movie Nights, Sleepovers and a profound emphasis on working together to recognize accomplishments and enjoy eachothers company. Our goal is to create an atmosphere of learning with enjoyment. We help our students accomplish their goals with confidence and maintain their desire as they make their journey to Black Belt. We want our students to be well informed and well trained as martial artists, but we want them to develop social skills and have fun too.