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Roger B. Hamilton Sensei

Chief Instructor

Sensei Hamilton is the Founder and Chief Instructor at Hamilton Martial Arts Academy (HMA). He has been studying Martial Arts for the past 38 years. He is an accomplished Local, Regional, National and World Championship competitor. Originally from New Jersey, Sensei Hamilton has called California home since 1982. He has been an instructor for over 28 years and an active Martial Arts Competitor for 36 years. Beginning in 1969 as a Middle School, High School and College Wrestling Champion, Sensei Hamilton has continued to study, compete and teach karate with boundless energy, sparkling enthusiasm and indomitable spirit. Among his many other awards, Sensei Hamilton has won the California Gold Cup Championship four years in succession (2001-2005); and the Bay Area Sport Karate Association Championship (BASKA) Title Belt in October, 2005. Sensei Hamilton also won many other championships including The U.S. Open World Championships in July, 2005; (known as The Most Prestigious Martial Arts Event in the World).  

Mr. Hamilton is also an accomplished business professional, having worked with some of the worlds finest Fortune 500 companies as an executive in sales, marketing & management. Companies include: Hertz Rent-A-Car, Johnson & Johnson, Pilot Pen Corporation and Budget Rent-A-Car. He has also contributed as an executive Manager to a very special company called: Give Something Back; a local business supplies company. GSB is the largest Independent business supplies company in the Western United States, its unique business model gives up to 70% of its profits back to local non-profits and charities. Qualifying it as one of the first recognized “B” Corporations in the United States. (These are businesses dedicated to community growth and social development). An additional Highlight to Sensei Hamilton's career is his current contribution to The Ricoh Corporation. Ricoh is a $24 Billion, long standing corporation founded in Japan. Ricoh is a marketplace leader in the Manufacturing and Technology Industry. As a Commercial Sales Manager, Sensei Hamilton continues to combine the positive merits of his business and martial arts experience to make for a continuous learning environment at HMA.

Mr. Hamilton wants very much to send the message to those individuals who may have gotten off the path of fitness and personal-development that HMA is the environment you’ve been waiting for. No limitations due to age or challenge or experience. Wait until you see what Sensei Hamilton can do at 59 Years Young! On behalf of all the current and future students at HMA Sensei Hamilton would like to offer his firm commitment to YOU! Once you commit yourself to train here, you will find reservoirs of strength, desire and ability that will affect all aspects of your life. The journey to a new you begins now!!! Sensei Hamilton says: “I don’t just want your money...I want you in here taking care of yourself!”

Come see for yourself what we do here at HMA!!!

Passage of Time (Sensei and his Sons - Omar & Ali)

Boys to Men: (Now 21 & 18 Years Old Respectively)

Instructors and Influences

Grand Master Wayne "Papa San" Ford

10th Degree Grand Master (Nagasu Ryu) & Goshi Shun Japanese Jujitsu
Chairman of the Board Tora Karate Federation

Master Michael Burrowes

7th Degree Master (Nagasu Ryu) & Goshi-Shun Japanese Jujitsu
Tactital Training Specialist
SWAT Team Instructor
Hollywood, Florida Police Department

Sensei Muhammad Ali Sharifi

8th Degree Grand Master Shotokan Japanese Karate
Internationally Recognized JKA Shotokan Instructor

Grand Master Rick Alemany

10th Degree Grand Master Kempo Karate/Escrima & Kali Stickfighting
Internationally recognized World Champion Competitor and Instructor

Kyoshi Carroll Pegeron

7th Degree Master (BKG) Japanese Wado Karate
Decorated Viet Nam War Veteran
United States Marine Corps

Master Anthony Laws

7th Degree Master Isshinryu Japanese Karate
Army Special Forces Instructor

Master Rich Pierman

5th Degree Master Isshinryu Japanese Karate
Personal Security Expert
Sempai (Senior Instructor) under Master Laws

Master Rio Rosa

World Champion Boxing Trainer

Master Charles King

World Champion Boxing Trainer
Founder and Owner of
KINGS GYM - Oakland, CA
(World Renowned Boxing Gym)

Coach Thomas Volz

Champion Wrestling Coach

Guro Rick Tucci

World Renowned Kali & Fillipino Martial Arts Instructor

Founder of PAMA Princeton Martial Arts Academy

Full Instructor of Jeet Kun Do - The Jun Fan Arts (Founded by Bruce Lee)


Sempai Omar R. Hamilton


Omar’s Professional history consists of over 14 years of continuous scholastic, athletic and occupational experience. Each year has provided an opportunity for a variety of increasingly demanding experiences, which have molded his integrity and character, sharpened his social etiquette and  prepared him for a life filled with consistent challenge and discovery.

Omar has acquired a highly successful track record as a Black Belt Martial Arts student, competitor and instructor. (14 years experience to date). Example: On December 2, 2008, for the 6th year in a row, Omar was named a "Competitor of the Year" and Division Champion for Kumite (Fighting), in the Gold Cup Karate Circuit. Omar has continuous received Local, State and National recognition. Omar as the Team Captain for the HMA Competition Team, is very passionate about his black belt studies, and he is steadily on course to accomplish many new goals.

On July 1, 2009 Sempai Omar Hamilton earned his Black Belt in a Grueling 5 Hour Black Belt test. Omar has now joined the ranks of Sensei Hamilton and so many other dedicated individuals who have worked diligently for their Black Belt accomplishments. Congratulations Sempai Omar Hamilton. Omar graduated with honors (Deans List/4.0 GPA) from Los Medanos College as a Journalism Major. Currently he is a Senior at UC Santa Barbara; his major is now Communications. He is scheduled for graduation in June, 2016.

While attending University full-Time, Omar has also been an experienced Barista at Starbucks Corporation and is very effective in building solid relationships with a wide variety of people. He has developed a reputation for excellent levels of courtesy, respect and customer service. Significantly focused, adaptable and committed to excellence. In addition to attending UC Santa Barbara (Full time), Omar is currently an experienced Customer Service Associate at the world famous Apple Computer in the City of Santa Barbara. We at HMA appreciate the tremendous commitment that Omar has made to our "Way of Life" and for his continuous personal and professional growth and Development. Oss!!!


Sempai Ali W. Hamilton



Since the age of 3 1/2 years old, Ali Hamilton has been a consistent Shotokan Karate practitioner for the previous 14 years running. His dedication and commitment has been noteworthy. He has excelled as a National Champion competitor, Junior and Adult instructor, as well as inspirational leader and Sempai. Ali Hamilton will be testing for his Shodan Black Belt on September 18, 2013 and if his past accomplishments and dedication are any example, he will continue to be an important contributor to the spirit of Bushido "Way of the Warrior" at Hamilton Martial Arts Academy. We salute Mr. Hamilton for his tremendous contribution to our Way of Life. Oss!!! (Ali is currently an (Honor Roll) Graduate student at Deer Valley High School in Antioch, California. (Ali was recently recognized with the special Senior award for "Best Personality" at his high school). His award was presented at a special awards dinner, and he was honored for all time in his 2014 yearbook. Ali is now attending Los Medanos College as a Freshman student and Theatre Arts Major. 




Sempai Necole L. Cayanan


BROWN BELT Necole Layla Cayanan has been training at Hamilton Martial Arts Academy since July 2004. Since that time Necole has grown trememndously, as a dedidated martial artist and as an impressive, strong, yet elegant, thoughtful, intelligent young woman. Necole is the class of our organization who is recognized a a fierce competitor, and detail oriented instructor. Her passion for the Bo Staff is becoming a signature activity, as she continues to challenge herself to achieve new heights. Sempai Necole is also our current Program Director.


Sempai Aaron Anderson (Shodan - 1st Degree Black Belt)



 HMA Aaron Anderson (Black Belt Test) Final Slideshow/Video 7-18-14


Sempai Aaron Anderson in Action!

Sempai Aaron Anderson is quite simply a very strong person! His will and tenacity, and spirit are examplary. Aaron has been training with Hamilton Martial Arts Academy since 2004 and has been on a steady growth and development path since we first met him as a spunky Middle Schooler with the twinkle in his eye. Aaron is now a Military School Graduate, winning college student, an accomplished Shotokan practitioner with experience in additional Martial Arts styles through his voracious appetitie for learning and personal growth. We apreciate all that Aaron does to keep the spirit of enthuisiasm, energy and the Never Quit attitute he perpetuates. Our friend Aaron is also a tremendous contribution to the spirit of Bushido "Way of the Warrior" and our "Way of Life."

Let it be known to all concerned that on, July 18, 2014, Mr. Aaron William Anderson did participate in his 6 hour Black Belt test! On this day, Mr. Anderson did face strong challenge and adversity, but did complete his tasks with outstanding fortitude, tremendous desire and excellent efficiency. Mr. Anderson was awarded his 1st Degree Black Belt in front of his family and peers and was exceptional! Congratulations Mr. Aaron William Anderson!...Black Belt!


BROWN BELT Estelle Brugere

Assistant Junior Champions Instructor


BROWN BELT Axel Brugere

Assistant Junior Mighty Mights Instructor


BROWN BELT Fabrice Brugere

Assistant Insructor


HMA Instructors