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In the passing our Sensei Hamilton's Instructor

Jack LaLanne

The Father of American Fitness

Jack Lalanne was an American Fitness, Exercise, and Nutritional Expert and Motivational Speaker who is sometimes called "the godfather of fitness" and the "first fitness superhero." He described himself as being a "sugarholic" and a Junk Food Junkie" until he was 15. He also had behavioral problems, but "turned his life around" after listening to a public lecture by Paul Bragg, a well-known nutrition speaker. During his career, he came to believe that the country's overall health depended on the health of its population, writing that "Physical Culture and Nutrition — is the salvation of America."

Decades before health and fitness began being promoted by celebrities like Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons, LaLanne was already widely recognized for publicly preaching the health benefits of regular exercise and a good diet. He published numerous books on fitness and hosted a fitness television show between 1953 and 1985. As early as 1936, at age 21, he opened one of the nation's first fitness gyms in Oakland, California, which became a prototype for dozens of similar gyms using his name. One of his 1950s television exercise programs was aimed toward women, whom he also encouraged to join his health clubs. He invented a number of exercise machines, including leg-extension and pulley devices. Besides producing his own series of videos, he coached the elderly and disabled not to forgo exercise, believing it would enable them to enhance their strength.

Rise and Shine

Rise and shine, its 6am and your hand can’t make it to the alarm clock before the voices in your head start telling you that it’s too early, too dark, and too cold to get out of bed. Aching muscles lie still in rebellion pretending not to hear your brain commanding them to move, a legion of voices are shouting their unanimous permission for you to hit the snooze button and go back to dream land, but you didn’t ask their opinion. The voice you’ve chosen to listen too is one of defiance, a voice that says there was a reason that you set that alarm in the first place so sit up - put your feet on the floor - and don’t look back because we have work to do...welcome to the grind!

For what is each day but a series of conflicts between the right way and the easy way. 10,000 streams fan out like a river delta before you with each one promising the path of least resistance, the thing is your headed up stream. And when you make that choice, when you decide to turn your back on what’s comfortable, what’s safe, and what some would call common sense, well that’s day one. From there it only gets tougher, so just make sure this is something that you want. Because the easy way out will always be there...ready to wash you away, all you have to do is pick up your feet.

But you aren’t going to are you. With each step comes the decision to take another. You’re on your way now, but this is no time to dwell on how far you have come. You’re in a fight against an opponent you can’t see but ohh you can feel them on your heels cant you, feel them breathing down your neck. You know what that is, that’s you! Your fears, your doubts, your insecurities all lined up like a firing squad ready to shoot you out of the sky; but don’t lose heart, though they are not easily defeated they are far from invincible. Remember, this is the grind, the battle royal between you and your mind, your body, and the devil on your shoulder whose telling you that this is just a game, this is just a waste of time; your opponents are stronger than you. Drown out the voice of uncertainty with the sound of your own heart beat...burn away yourself doubt with a fire lit beneath you, remember what we’re fighting for and never forget that momentum's a cruel mistress; she can turn on a dime or the smallest mistake; she is ever searching for a weak place in your armor; that one tiny thing that you forgot to prepare for.

So as long as the devil is hiding the in the details the question remains, is that all you got, are you sure? And when the answer is yes, and when you have done all you can to prepare yourself for battle, then it’s time to go forth and boldly face your enemy, the enemy within. Only now you must take that fight into the open, into hostile territory. You’re a lion in a field of lions, all hunting the same elusive prey with a desperate starvation that says victory is the only thing that can keep you alive.

So believe that voice that says YOU CAN run a little faster and YOU CAN throw a little harder and that for you the laws of physics are mearly a suggestion. Luck is the last dying wish of those who wanna believe that winning can happen by accident, sweat on the other hand is for those who know it’s a choice, so decide now because destiny waits for no man. And when your time comes and a thousand different voices are trying to tell you you’re not ready for it, listen instead for that lone voice of decent, the one that says you are ready, you are prepared, it’s all up to you now, So Rise and Shine.

One step at a time!!!   

Your mental attitude is the most dependable key to your personality.
Your view of yourself will greatly influence how others perceive you. If you are a confident, cheerful, positive person, your co-workers, friends, and family will be attracted to your personality. If you are unhappy, negative, and always complaining about your situation, others will be repelled. Even when at times you don’t feel very happy, by forcing yourself to behave in a positive fashion, you will find that you soon feel genuinely upbeat, because your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between an artificial emotion and the real thing. When you behave positively, you will positively influence everyone around you — including yourself.

To The End!!!

Sound character begins with keen self-respect.
No one really knows for sure how we develop self-respect, but the experts believe it begins at a very early age. Parents who show their children that they love them unconditionally — just because they are who they are — build a foundation of healthy self-respect that will sustain the children for the rest of their lives. From this foundation comes the moral and ethical structure known as character. Healthy self-respect should not be confused with egotism. An egotist loves himself for the most superficial of reasons, while a self-respecting person takes pride in qualities of character that he or she has worked hard to develop.

Have a Purpose!!!

Your progress in life begins in your own mind and ends in the same place.
Every great accomplishment began with the germ of an idea in the mind of a great person, then was shaped for practical usefulness and finally transformed into reality. Make your mind a fertile ground for ideas through constant study and learning, and condition through constant practice to discipline yourself to follow through on your good ideas. The most brilliant concept in the world is only a dream unless you take action. Even a mediocre idea that is put into practice is far more valuable than a flash of genius that languishes in a fallow, undisciplined mind.


Only the highway of useful service leads to the city of happiness.
Psychologists who study human behavior have concluded that we are happiest when we are striving to achieve success. It is the act of striving, not the successful completion of the task, that provides the greatest psychic rewards. When you strive to achieve success through service to others, you multiply the benefits to yourself, and you ensure that whatever road you choose in life will ultimately lead you to success and happiness. There is no occupation or profession that will not benefit from a concerted effort to better serve others. But the greatest benefit will be to you, in the form of the self-satisfaction that comes from knowing that you made a difference, that without you others would never have received the service you provided.




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