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HMA Karate Tournament - The Bushido Open (The Brugere Family) 2011


Mom - Kelly B (Just starting out in Kickboxing)

Hamilton Martial Arts Academy

And Family Fitness Center

Our traditional martial arts school is located in Central Pittsburg, just East of Loveridge Road. Hamilton Martial Arts Academy is in the same plaza as New Birth Church. We have plenty of Safe (well lit) Parking, a comfortable Spectator Area to watch classes, separate Male and Female Restrooms, 2 water Stations, Business Reception Area, Kickboxing Area (With a minimum 6 Heavy Punching Bags and corresponding Speed Bag). Additionally, we offer wall to wall Swain Mats to cover our training area, and classes are offered all week long for your family’s convenience.

When Families Train Together, Communities Become Stronger!

We teach fun and exciting day and evening classes in a patient and encouraging environment. Classes are energetic, informative and exactly what you would expect from a caring, professional karate school! Students love that our schedule allows flexibility in training - we offer 20 classes per week and growing!  We are planning even more specialty classes, for more depth, and the involvement of our Senior Citizen Community. Our instructors are fully certified and trained to teach students of all abilities ages 4 and up. Family rates and discounts are available for memberships – Call: Mr. Omar Hamilton Hamilton at: (510) 459-4971 for a membership appointment.

Come In Today and Feel Welcomed and Appreciated!

We are conveniently located with plenty of room for you to feel comfortable and spectators who are always welcome! You will love your new Martial Arts School! All events (belt tests, classes, tournaments) are held at our own location; you will always feel at home at HMA.

Adult Students

 At HMA we encourage parents to make it a family affair. We feel the family that trains and learns together has a much higher likelihood of being a closer, more effective group. As the saying goes: "The Family That Plays Together, Stays Together." While all of the work at HMA may not be play, it truly has the potential to translate to an evolved and closer connection. With a common interest the family can have a positive sense of accomplishment for all participants. Martial Arts has been proven to be beneficial to all who participate. 

(If you are a College Student, talk to us about Reduced Rates for You!) 

HMA recognizes the importance of an excellent education. We have developed a special program for college students as a recognition, appreciation and cooperation toward your journey to graduation. We want you in here taking care of yourself, so you can make it through to the finish line of your chosen endeavors. 

(If you are Over 50 Years of Age, talk to us about Reduced Rates for You Too!) 

Too often we get to a certain place in life and feel that our best accomplishments are behind us. It becomes commonplace to limit our physical activity due simply to our age and/or the belief that karate and stuff like that is for young people. At HMA We Say NO!  In September 2012, Sensei Hamilton will be 56 years old!  He has plans to continue training, competing and remaining physically fit for Life! Sensei Hamilton encourages YOU Too, to renew your sense of spirit and enthusiasm, and come enjoy training and learning with us. We will respect you as an accomplished adult, we will recognize you as a mature human being and we encourage you to find the renewed fire, the positive motivation and the sparkling desire to reach new heights and climb new mountains. In Honor of, and For All those adults who "Always wanted to try Martial Arts", but didn't...Sensei Hamilton Wants You!!!

"Come for a FREE Trial Class...We want You In Here Taking Care Of Yourself!!!"

Sensei Roger B. Hamilton