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About Us

(HMA) Mission Statement

We are defined as a Karate Association dedicated to the growth of all members. Our goal is to maintain a climate of enthusiasm, self-discovery and personal development; as well as social responsibility and contribution. Ours is a Way Of Life.

Roger B. Hamilton Sensei

Students at HMA enjoy a unique sense of Unity and cooperation which extends outward to our families and the community at large. These students also benefit with improved health and fitness, an enhanced physical and emotional awareness, and a profound sense of accomplishment; which comes from learning truly valuable skills. 

Studies have indicated that kids who study Karate in a well coordinated Dojo, experience improved attention span and overall focus. Even children with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) have been proven to show uncanny improvement from the skills learned in martial arts.) Other attributes include: increased strength, physical coordination and flexibility, as well as, self confidence and an improved self image. Because of the emphasis on courtesy and respect in the martial arts, children naturally develop the ability to listen, learn and follow instructions in all areas. (This translates nicely as reinforcement to study habits in the scholastic environment.)

At our school we place tremendous focus on career development and life skills in conjunction with our martial arts based programs. Sensei Hamilton’s 35 years of Professional Business Experience brings tremendous value to HMA in the area of personal/professional development and social confidence.



About HMA